Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY: Renew your Indonesian Maid's Work Permit (for Singaporeans)

Update 12 May 2016: I didn't realized how popular this post has gotten :)  Thank you all for the support. It's been 3 years since I have written this article. The procedures might have changed slightly and I might not be aware of the new changes - as I have no maid now. 

Update 25 Feb 2015: Amended Step 7 for KTKLN application. Your FDW needs a health certificate for KTKLN application now. 

Now that I have gone through it, here's a chronological display of documents and events to complete and do.

Process Summary:

  1. Negotiate her salary and benefits for the next contract and Decide Duration of her Home Leave
  2. Go to the Indonesia Embassy to renew her passport (OPTIONAL) and get the work agreement done (COMPULSORY)
  3. Buy maid insurance (COMPULSORY)
  4. Renew her work permit (COMPULSORY)
  5. Get her new Passport from the embassy (COMPULSORY)
  6. Buy her air tickets (COMPULSORY)
  7. Apply for the KTKLN card in Indonesia (COMPULSORY): The new Indonesia president has made some comments on removing the need to apply for KTKLN card, but as we know, a change like this will not happen overnight in Indonesia. So just make sure your maid's KTKLN card is valid when she returns to Singapore. 
    Summary of Cost Involved:
    1. Renew Passport = $35
    2. Maid insurance = $308.16
    3. Renew Work Permit = $20
    4. Air Tickets = $247 (AirAsia)
    5. Worker Insurance (in Indonesia) = $38
    Total cost to DIY maid renewal is SGD648.16

    Step 1) Negotiate her Salary and Benefits for the Next 2 Years and Decide Duration of her Home Leave

    This is needed when you are at the Indonesia Embassy to do up her work agreement. You should try to match her pay to the current basic pay. The basic pay for year 2013 is SGD450 a month, with a compensation of SGD17.50 per Sunday where she worked.

    Though, the Indonesia government do not enforced the SGD450 wages requirement very strictly, you might want to offer an attractive incentive for her to continue with the contract. Otherwise she will opt not to return from her home leave (like my maid).

    You should be able to find the minimum duration of her home leave in her contract with the maid agency. It is usually 2 weeks.

    Step 2) Go to the Indonesia Embassy to 
    (A) Renew her Passport (OPTIONAL) and 
    (B) Get the Work Agreement Done (COMPULSORY)

    Bring the following:
    1. For registering at the embassy: Your driver's license or anything with your name and IC on it. Try not to use your IC as you might need it later.
    2. For renewing her passport:
      1. A completed PERDIM 11 form: required for passport renewal
      2. Her current passport 
      3. 1 copy of her current passport 
      4. 1 copy of your NRIC
      5. 2 copies of recently taken passport size photograph with white background: you can also take passport photos at the embassy. 
      6. SGD35 in cash: payment for the new passport is in CASH only
    3. For crafting the Work Agreement:
      1. Domestic worker’s current Work Permit (minimum 2 weeks validity)
      2. Employer’s NRIC
      3. Authorization letter and the ID card of the person signing the agreement on behalf of the employer (if needed). You can authorize your spouse or immediate relative to do the interview and sign the work agreement on behalf of the employer.
      4. Slip of passport payment from Immigration
    Photo requirements for passport renewal:
    • Size of the photo is 3.5cm x 4.5cm
    • The person must wear proper attire
    • The face must be straight facing the front
    • The person must not wear spectacles
    • Teeth must not be visible
    • Eyes must not be covered
    • Must be recently taken
    Beat the queue by arriving early. My husband reached there about 9.30am and there's already a queue. Their operating hours for passport renewal is from 9.00am to 12 noon (Monday - Friday, excluding Public Holiday). 

    Make sure your attire is decent - no shorts or spaghetti straps or sleeveless or flip flops. My husband told me that a lady was provided with a sarong to cover her legs. 

    Address: 7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761
    Tel: 6737 7422

    Passport renewal is optional if her passport is not expiring within the next 6 months. But the duration of the maid insurance will be shorten if the passport validity dates is shorter than the usual contract period of 26 months. You might have to buy a 14 month insurance which costs more in terms of monthly premiums. My advice is to renew the passport and save yourself the trouble of queuing up at the embassy or renewing the maid insurance again. Her new passport will be ready for collection in 3 days time.

    Next, proceed to the Consular Affairs at 2nd Floor to sign a standard Work Agreement. It is compulsory to do the Work AgreementThe embassy will do this for you for FREE. An officer in charge will conduct an interview with you and your helper. During the interview, you will be asked about her pay, day off or day off compensation. The officer will usually try to negotiate for more pay and off day for your worker.

    This Work Agreement is a document needed for the application of the KTKLN (Overseas Worker ID Card) for your helper. Most details on this at Step 7.

    Step 3) Buy Maid Insurance (COMPULSORY)

    I've searched the web for some options and decided to settle for NTUC. My plan is MI3E with waiver of counter indemnity. Waiver of counter indemnity is important. It will limit your liability on the $5,000 Security Bond to $250 instead. This is provided that the breach of the $5,000 Security Bond is not due to your negligence or fault.

    Other things that I consider important are wages compensation and expenses benefit if I have to stop her employment.

    The NTUC MI3E plan costs SGD308.16 inclusive of 7% GST. Read this if you have more questions on NTUC maid plans.

    For your benefit, I have also compiled a list of maid insurances with similar benefits for you to consider. Click on the link to see the policy details.

    *Whichever policy you are considering, please REMEMBER to include the waiver of counter indemnity.

    Step 4) Renew her Work Permit (COMPULSORY)

    Do this via Ministry of Manpower site for foreign domestic worker. Ensure that the Work Permit is still valid at the time of application. 

    The procedure is dead easy as the instructions (PDF), though lengthy, are straight forward. The employer can complete it by logging in with his/her SINGPASS.

    Submission of renewal requests online is only available from 8am - 8pm (Monday to Friday), 8am - 2pm (Saturday), excluding public holidays. You can view the outcome of your request immediately after submission.

    It costs SGD20 and can be paid using GIRO (for existing GIRO user), eNETS Credit or Debit.

    Step 5) Get her New Passport from the Embassy (COMPULSORY)

    The embassy will take 3 days to process the new passport application.

    You can collect it between 3.00pm to 5.00pm (Monday - Friday, excluding Public Holiday). Please bring your NRIC and her Work Agreement for identifications.

    Step 6) Buy her Air Tickets (COMPULSORY)
    You will have to pay for her air tickets home. I'm considering AirAsia and Garuda Indonesia.

    Step 7) Apply for the KTKLN card (COMPULSORY)

    Update 25 Feb 2015: The new Indonesia president has made some comments on removing the need to apply for KTKLN card, but as we know, a change like this will not happen overnight in Indonesia. So just make sure your maid's KTKLN card is valid when she returns to Singapore. 

    The Indonesian Embassy is not authorised to process KTKLN application. Your helper has to do this in Indonesia at designated offices (BP3TKI, P4TKI or issuing counters at selected airports).

    KTKLN is Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri. Translated to English, it means Card of Overseas Worker. This card is issued to an Indonesian who has passed the qualification for working abroad. The card is valid for 2 years as it is tied to a 2 years worker insurance to be purchased in Indonesia. From the embassy's site, it is stated that the worker's insurance cost Rp. 290,000 (approximately SGD37) for 2 years or Rp. 170,000 (approximately SGD22) for 1 year. But please make sure she has brought more money - just read from somewhere that the recommended amount to bring is IDR400,000 - in case she needs to pay some 'special' fees.

    Your helper can also apply for it via the online portal. The site requires a login ID and a password. Sadly, the site is only in Bahasa Indonesia. After the online application, she can only collect the KTKLN card at the nearest BP3TKI located in Indonesia.

    Your helper will need the following documents for KTKLN card application:
    1. Passport
    2. Work Permit
    3. Work Agreement, issued and endorsed by the Embassy
    4. Insurance Payment Slip (premiums to be purchased in Indonesia’s insurance office)
      Rp 290.000 for 2 years or Rp 170.000 for 1 year.
    5. ‘Surat keterangan sehat’ (health certificate). Some application offices will ask for this certificate. Though some offices have a stand-by doctor to check the maid, it’s better to have a copy of the health certificate. Your maid can get one from the nearest Public Health Center or hospital in Indonesia.
    *I have seen stories where you can pay a 'special' fee to the Indonesian customs into re-entering SG without the KTKLN cards.

    Useful Links:
    1. Indonesia Embassy Site in English
    2. About Passport Renewal
    3. About Work Agreement
    4. About KTKLN card
    5. Online application for KTKLN card
    6. WP Online for Employers of Foreign Domestic Workers
    7. Guide on e-Renewal of Foreign Worker's Work Permit
    Hope this site has been informative and helpful to all who needs it. Do let me know if any information is presented wrongly.


    1. Wow, a very comprehensive and detailed description! Many thanks for your help!

      - Grateful

      1. No prob. Just wanna help others in the same situation :)

    2. Hi. It was informative. What abt the cost of bank guarantee for the $5,000 bond? Did you not have to renew the bond?

      1. Sorry for the late reply.

        You don't have to renew $5,000 bond.

        The $5,000 Guarantee Bond that comes with the maid insurance policy, allows the insurance agency to act as a guarantor by providing a Letter of Guarantee to MOM on your behalf. This frees you from the need to pay the $5,000 cash up front to MOM when you are applying for a maid.

        However, if you or your maid breaches the rules and conditions set by MOM, MOM will call for the bond from the insurance agency and they will extract the $5,000 from you.

        That's why it make sense to opt for plans with the Waiver of Counter Indemnity option. This option will limit your liability on the $5,000 Security Bond to $250 (for my NTUC policy) instead.

        So instead of having to pay $5,000, you pay only $250 - provided that the breach of the $5,000 Security Bond is not due to your negligence or fault.

    3. Hi,

      Thank you for such comprehensive guide! By the way, do u have any idea how long does it takes to renew her KTKLN card in Indonesia? And do they close on certain days?

      1. From what my maid said, the card is issued on the spot.

        Their opening hours and days are not stated on the official sites, so I can't advise on that.

        Please see:

    4. Thanks Michelle for the useful info. Do we need to bring the maid to apply Home Leave at Indo Embassy if she were to go back for 1 week holiday?

      1. Sorry for the late reply. There is no requirement for her to obtain home leave permit from the Embassy.

        Please see:

    5. Hi! thanks for shaing!
      May i know whether the employer must personally to go with the indo maid? or can the employer's spouse to represent him??

      My maid WP expiry 29/12/13 and Passport expiry in Jan 2016. Do i have to renew her passport? She willbe going back to Indo in Oct 2013 for home leave before i renew her WP (she agree to renew for another 2 year). But her KTKLN had expired. Do i have to get the Employment Agreement that issued and endorsed by Indo embassy in Singapore so that she can rebew it when she go bach for home leave in Oct 2013?

      1. Hi Emily, any family member who stays in the same address as stated in the employer ID card can accompany the maid.

        In order for her to re-enter SG, she will need a valid KTKLN card. To apply for this card, she needs the employment contract/agreement, work permit, passport and cash Rp 290.000 for a 2 years card.

        In your situation, since the expiry of the WP and passport is after her home leave, you can renew them after she returns.

        There is no requirement for her to obtain home leave permit from the Embassy.

        For more details, please see and

      2. To clarify: the cash Rp 290.000 is actually for the compulsory insurance to be purchased with the card. The KTKLN card is actually FOC.

      3. Just remembered that the passport must have a validity of 6 months before her flight. Please renew her passport.

      4. Hi Michelle Love,

        thank you very much for your reply :-)
        my maid is from Bandung so i get her to apply/ renew her KTKLN card in Bandung office. I have mentioned about the purchase of insurance to her but she like have no idea what is this? Do you know where to buy the insurance from? can buy from the office where issue the KTKLN?

      5. It's a worker's insurance. She can buy it from the same office that issues the KTKLN card. But please bring more money - just read from somewhere that the recommended amount to bring is IDR400,000.

      6. Hi Michelle

        Thank you so much for sharing this in your blog.. it helped so much since I can't reach anyone from the Indonesia Embassy, not even email response.

        May I check a point?
        My helper's WP/ Passport are both valid for the next year. On one point if KTKLN card is not applied:
        2.Employment Contract, endorsed by Indonesian Embassy
        If this is needed, then I still have to make a trip to the embassy to endorse for her to apply the KTKLN card? Correct?
        Appreciate your advice。

      7. Hi Jean, not sure if I got you correctly: You only need to apply for the Employment Contract (at the Embassy) if her KTKLN card expires before she comes back from her home leave. Your helper will then need to bring the employment contract, valid work permit, passport and cash Rp 290.000 to Indonesia for a 2 years KTKLN card.

      8. Hi Jean, just to add on: there's no need for you to do anything if her KTKLN card, work permit AND passport* are still valid after her date of return.

        *Passport should maintain a standard 6 months of validity before travel.

    6. HI MIchelle
      my helper went back for home leave in Indonesia
      did not know about the KTKLN card until i read your blog
      like to check any advice how she can get her KTKLN card as she did not bring back a contract with her
      She only had the passport and work permit

      1. For contract, do u mean e work agreement done in e SG Indonesia embassy? Cos u need that together with e work permit, passport and cash Rp 290.000 (for an insurance) to apply for e ktkln card. I would advise u to ask for assistance from e SG Indonesia embassy to see if they can help to transmit e work agreement to ur maid.

    7. HI Michelle
      Thanks for your step by step instructions. You are a God-send. Just what I needed. Many thanks.

      - Very Grateful

    8. Hi I am hiring an Indon maid direct and therefore the contract etc are not yet signed. She is now in Indon. She applied for the KTKLN card but been told it will take 2 weeks. I've been reading that it is issued same day. Does anyone know under what circumstances it is 2 weeks?!?! I have to change the flight because they won't issue her the card until after 2 weeks

      1. Are all documents in place? The employment contract/agreement, work permit, passport (validity of 6 months)?

    9. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for the great information.

      1. My Indo maid is going at year end. She is keen to work for me after 2 years. Her currently salary is $410. What should be her new reasonable salary?

      1. Base on this recent asiaone news at, the monthly salary for a new Indonesian maid is $450.

        Your new salary should be anything much higher than that. Otherwise she will see little incentive to return to work for you.

        Is she working on Sun? If so, you might want to compensate her with an additional of $17.50 per day.

        Basic salary = $450
        Pay rise for renewing contract (optional) = $20
        Working on Sunday = $17.50*4 = $70
        Recommended new salary range = from $470 to $540

        But please try to be prepared that she might not return from her home leave.

    10. Hi Michelle, thanks for the comprehensive guide. My maid gg for home leave in Oct13 for 1 week. May I know where did yr maid apply for d KTKLN card tt she can get on the spot? If I ask my maid to apply the card at Jakarta, do u think she can get on the spot too?

      1. Hi 4kwoks,

        My ex-maid did hers in her hometown in Yogyakarta almost 3 years ago. With all proper documents in place, it took at least a day for her. I'm not too sure about Jakarta. I have seen others accompanied their maids to Batam to get the KTKLN card processed though.

        Batam: Jalan Industrial Park 2000 No: 1, Batam Centre, Batam, Telp: 0778-3154130, Tanjung Balai Karimun: Jalan Teluk Air No: 26, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Telp: 0777-22840

    11. Hi Michelle, Thanks for hosting this useful and helpful information.

      Few things to clarify

      1. Our FDW has agreed for contract renewal with us for another 2 years, which is good. However her current salary is $380 and we are increasing it to $440 and the FDW is fine with it. But will this be an issue for "employment contract/agreement" or in getting a "KTKLN Card"?

      2. we already got the insurance renewed the work permit for another 2 years. next thing is to get a "employment contract/agreement" from ID embassy. Btw, is it a MUST to endorse FDW passport wiht Employers Address in the last page by ID Embassy?

      3. Once we have "employment contract/agreement" then pass this to FDW along with work permit, passport and cash Rp 290.000 for a 2 years card - So that she can apply for KTKLN card once she is in ID - Correct?

      4. Is there anything else apart from those required documentation mentioned above that we need to take note of before sending FDW on leave?

      Thanks in advance.


      1. Hi JSRE,

        1. Things will work out well as long as you have been treating her kindly. While crafting the work agreement, the personnel from the Embassy will help the maid to ask for at least the basic pay of $450. So you might still have to adjust it. The embassy won't purposely make things difficult for you unless the maid starts complaining about you. KTKLN card is not an issue once you have all the necessary documents.

        2. Are you referring to the PERDIM 11 form? Everything in the form must be filled in. It makes sense to have your address so that the Embassy will know where the maid is working at.

        3. Yes, bring all documents - work agreement, work permit, passport, cash Rp 290.000. You should make a copy of all these documents too (just in case).

        4. If she has it, bring her Indonesian identity card. But I think the passport should be sufficient.

      2. Hi Michelle - Thanks for the swift response.

        1. Sure will take note and adjust accordingly.

        2. Not the PERDIM 11 form, as i understand this is required for passport renewal which is NOT required in our FDW case as there is still 3 yrs left for renewal. But more importantly i was referring to Employers address on passport last page and i think we would get that done once we are at Embassy.

        3. Point noted on maintaining a copy.

        4. ID identity card - sure shall check on this.

        Btw,do you know how long it would take to get the KTKLN card to be issued?

        And i noticed in my FDW passport there is KTKLN chop with no other details under PARAF/NOMOR/TANGGAL - Any idea what this could be?

        Thanks in advance.

        J SRE

      3. Issuing the KTKLN card usually takes only an hour to complete - at most a day.

        As for the last question, can't help with that - didn't recall seeing it and don't have a maid's passport to double check now :(

        all the best :)

    12. Hi Michelle, am so glad I stumbled upon your post. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive information. Most helpful indeed.

      Wonder if you would be able to help further?
      My maid has agreed to continue working with us for another two years. She is going for her two weeks home leave soon. We've renewed her work permit and bought the insurance. She also has a valid passport and her KTKLN card is still valid for another year.

      1. Do we still need to bring her to the Embassy to complete her Work Agreement and apply for home leave?
      2. Does she need to "renew" her KTKLN or apply a new card when she goes back for her home leave (as mentioned, her card is still valid for another year).

      Many thanks in advance, Michelle.

      1. Wow, you are really lucky. If her KTKLN card is still valid, she won't need to renew her card or the work agreement. But you will need to renew her work permit with MOM as it should expire in 2 years.

    13. Thanks for prompt reply Michelle. Yes, must say I'm lucky. Thank God. Anyway we've alreadt renewed her work permit. And MOM is very efficient. We got her new work permit in less than a week. Ok, all we need to do now is buy her tickets. Yay! Thanks again Michelle.

    14. Hi, MìChèlle, my FDM work permit is expiring in Feb 2014. She has agreed to renew her contract with us. However, I would like her to go back for her home leave first from mid Nov till Mid-Dec. Wonder if I need to go to embassy if she is going back for her home leave? When should I go down to embassy to renew her work permit? Can you kindly advise...

      1. Hi yea!, there's no need to renew her work permit if it's expiring after her return from home leave. Renewal of work permit is done via MOM website - refer to my blog post. But please make sure her KTKLN card and passport is still valid before she leaves SG. If they are not, you will need to go to the embassy to renew her passport and get the Work Agreement done.

    15. Thks so much, Michelle!! Sorry for sending numerous postings coz . Wasn't sure if my post got thru...

    16. is the maid personally need to go Indonesia embassy?? need make appointment with embassy or just walk in?

      1. Hi pangsn, no appt is needed to visit the Embassy but pls go as early as possible to beat the crowds. And yes, the maid needs to be there personally as there's an interview (pls see step 2).

    17. Thanks Michelle for the info.

      For personal reasons, the FDW does not want to go hone for home leave. Is it possible? Since u mentioned in Pt1 & Pt6:

      Process Summary:
      1: Negotiate her salary and benefits for the next contract and Decide Duration of her Home Leave
      6: Buy maidBuy her air tickets (COMPULSORY)
      7: Apply for the KTKLN card in INDONESIA (COMPULSORY)

      1. Hi Jade Star, it's possible for the maid to forgo her home leave. In this case, u just need to renew her work permit and insurance if u intend to keep her after her contract ends.

        The work agreement n renewal of passport are documents necessary for renewing e KTKLN card - which is only needed for re-entering SG after home leave.

    18. You are a life saver! Very comprehensive and clear. Thanks for sharing. The world is a better place because of people like you :)

      1. You are very welcome! Just hoped that my experience will benefit people going through the same situation.

    19. Hi. ..I have an issue now....I only stumbled upon ur site now.. ..I have renewed my maid's work permit for another 2 issue w her passport....but I didn't know must go Indonesia embassy to get the work agreement and ktkln card.she is otw to her 2 weeks home leave. Will she have problems coming back later on without the agreement and ktkln?

      1. Hi leo26, she won't be able to exit Indonesia without a valid KTKLN card. Do contact your maid agency for help in bringing her back into SG.

    20. Hi Michelle

      I will be renewing my maid's contract for a further 2 years although she wants to work only for another 1 year. I will be paying her the money for the airfare as she does not want to take home leave. I will also be taking steps to renew the insurance and the work permit. Do I still need to go to the embassy to sign the employment contract?

      1. Hi Dot Tan, there's no need to visit the embassy as the employment contract is for her to apply for a new KTKLN card. Since she's not travelling, she will not need it to apply for a valid KTKLN card for re-entering SG.

      2. Hi Michelle,

        Thanks ! She is entitled to 2 weeks' home leave when her contract ends. However, she chose to forego her home leave and as compensation, I reimburse her the airfare for which I would have to pay if she goes for her home leave.

    21. Hi Michelle,
      I am not sure if my questions got posted.
      1. anyway wanted to check if I need to pay for my maid's passport renewal.
      2 she will only be extending with me for another year, but i need to renew her work permit and insurance for 2 years. I will cover the cost, right?
      3. if she doesnt want to go back for her home leave, i will reimburse her for her 2 way air fare but do i also need to include the fuel surcharge and taxes?
      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi gingerbrandy, received all your qns. Published the most detailed entry above.
        1. Yes. You'll need to pay for her passport renewal.
        2. Yes. You've to cover the cost for her work permit and insurance.
        3. This is entirely up to you.

      2. Just a note: you can buy maid insurance for 1 year (or rather 14 months) from NTUC Income

      3. Hi Leonard, thanks for the update!

    22. Hi Michelle,

      My maid's work permit expires in Apr and I have received the MOM notification to renew the work permit. If I renew it now (Feb 2014), will the next work permit be valid till Feb 2016 (2yrs from renewal) or Apr 2016 (2 yrs from expiry)? Thanks!

      1. Sorry for the late reply. Was busy with my newborn. I'm not too sure about that one. U might have to call MOM to find out.

      2. Hi Celosia or anyone, have you check it out? I would like to know too. :-) thanks.
        Michelle, thanks for having this platform.

    23. Good afternoon,
      For the work agreement done at the Embassy, do the Embassy has to see the work permit renewal and maid insurance before they issue the work agreement?

      1. Hi. Do see Step 2, point 3 on what you need to prepare for work agreement.

    24. Hi Michelle,

      My maid KTKLN card expired on 4/4/14 and her WP and contract only ends July 14. She told me that she wants to continue work for us for another 2 years. From what I gather, I will need to renew her WP in June 2014. Her passport valid till 2017.

      My queries are:-

      1. Do I need to renew her KTKLN card before she go home leave on Oct 14? Or can she apply for KTKLN when she's at the Indonesia?
      2. When is the best time for me to go to Embassy to get her Work Agreement and apply for home leave?
      3. Or do I have to go to Batam to renew her KTKLN before its expired?
      4. Documents required for the renewal of KTKLN, do I need to give her the original WP or Certified True Copy of the WP will do?

      Can you kindly advise? Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi, sorry for the late reply:
        1) She can only apply for a new KTKLN card in Indonesia. She just need to make sure that she has a valid KTKLN card before re-entering SG.
        2) Embassy: Morning; Home Leave: up to your own schedule, note that home leave duration is about 2 weeks.
        3) Yes, you can renew her KTKLN card in the Batam branch.
        4) Original WP.

    25. Hi, my helper has been with me since 12th November 2009 till now.
      12 Nov 2009- 12 Nov 2011 (2 yrs contract) she refused home leave so i gave her $300 reimburse her flight tix.
      12 Nov 2011- 12 Nov 2013 ( re-contract 2 more years) again she refused home leave so i gave her $300 reimburse her flight tix.
      12 Nov 2013 - 12 Nov 2014 (re-contract 1 yr)
      Now she wants me to book for her flight on 11/7- 28/8. She told me she will pay herself the air tix. But told me i should pay her paid leave (11/7-28/8). Is this the correct way? Adding to this, on Nov, she told me she is going to find a new employer which i also agreed as i don't need her help from Nov 2014 onwards. In Nov, she wants the flight tix in cash as again she told me she refused to go back instead she wants to be a transfer maid.

      1. Hi Mary, we should pay their home leave, same way our employers pay us when we are on annual leave. In the 2 years contract, we should pay for their air tickets when they go off for home leave. So in your case, If it's me, I will choose to pay her even if she isn't going home.

    26. Thanks Michelle for all these great information.

      My helper decides to return for good despite having to serve less than 1 year of the contract. She is returning next month but her passport is expiring in Oct 2014 ((less than 6 months expiry from departure).

      Does she need to renew her passport? If yes, do I have to go with her for application or upon collection? is the Consular interview at application or collection of passport? Do I still need to go for interview at the Consular Affair? If she is going to renew on her own, do I need to give her a copy of my IC?

      In your opinion, my helper works for about 9 months and decided to return on her own accord, do I still need to pay for her return airfare?

      ps. her reason being too little work in my household to made her busy and not think of her grandkids and also we kept asking her to eat and cause her indigestion! what a reason! Well, when she returns, she will have her family with lots of work but too little food for all!

      May God bless her and all her love ones!

      1. Hi Gerbera, sorry for the late reply, was so busy with my newborn. I hope the matter has been solved.

        It seems like she will need to renew her passport as it's not within the 6 months validity. She will need a copy of your IC to process a passport renewal. Do refer to Step 2 on what other things to prepare for passport renewal.

        If she has been a good worker, I can pay for her return tickets :) or I can pro-rate the tickets fees based on the number of months she worked.

    27. Hi celosia
      Regarding the work permit renewal the expiry date will be 2 yrs from the date you renew . So better renew nearer to th actual expiry date.

    28. Dear Michelle

      Thank you for your post which is very helpful to employer like us.
      I hope you wld be able to assist in a few queries :
      1) Understand that an Employment Work Contract is required for the KTKLN card. However, if the contract has yet to expire, i.e. 2 yr contract expires in Nov 14, do I need a fresh Employment Work Contract from the Indonesian Embassy to apply for the KTKLN card if my helper is going home in July 14? (She insist on going home to celebrate Hari Raya because she says all Indonesian maids do that.)

      2) My helper informed me that a medical check-up is required for the application for the KTKLN card over at Indonesia and is asking me for more money for it. Is that true?

      3) My helper is also asking me for RP 400,000 for the application of the KTKLN card which is beyond the stated RP290,000. Is this fee to be borne by the employer or the maid? My helper is taking 17 days off which is more than the normal 14 days.

      4) As per the Indonesia Embassy website, the Employment Work contract is free. But is there a fee required for them to stamp their chop? Coz I vaguely remembered that a notary fee is required.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

      1. 1) She only needs to apply for the KTKLN card if it expires before her return date.

        2) I did a check. There's a new rule. Some KTKLN offices will have a stand-by doctor to check the workers with renewal contract. It is advisable to get a "surat keterangan sehat" or health certificate from their local hospital. I think that might need money.

        3) Yes, I heard the fees has been increased to RP 400,000 and employer has to pay for it.

        4) Employment contract is FOC. Only pay for passport renewal if need to.

    29. Hi Michale,

      1. I have renewed my maid for another 2 years with the same salary 420$. Any issue?

      2. She is not going home country now but will go after 6 months? In this case, Do i still need to go down to Indo Embassy to do employment contract and endorse stamp on last page or I can go after 6 months when she is ready to go home country on 1 week leave?

      Appreciate your advise on this.

      1. You need to do all the compulsory parts in Step 2 and 6. Make sure her KTKLN is valid when she is coming back from Indonesia. If it's not, she needs to apply for the card with the work agreement from Step 2.

    30. Hi thank you for coming out with this comprehensive guide for newbie like me =)
      I was trying to renew my helper's pass myself but encounter some difficulties.

      My helper's pass expires on 23 Oct 2014. I was trying to apply the insurance at NTUC Income website. It mentioned that it is less than a month ... SO I am very worried if there is a problem ... =/


      1. I remembered NTUC can process application within a week. Try to avoid tight timeline if it's controllable :)

    31. Hi Michelle,

      I need your expert advise on how I can employ a new/fresh FDW from Batam directly without agent. What are the steps/documentations needed from the Indonesian side. I am familiar with the SG MOM process but not the Indonesian process like Employment contract it is from employers or must it be from Indonesia, KTKLN card compulsory for FDW from Batam? Insurance only in SG or from Indonesia also needed? What are the process done in SG Indonesian embassy? Sorry for so many questions. Help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Newbie, I'm not an expert in recruiting maids directly from Indonesia. I hope you have managed to solve the issue eventually.

    32. Hi,

      May I check if the minimum wage is still at S$450 with a monthly day off?


      1. Sorry, I'm not too sure with the current rate. It should be 4 days off in a month now.

    33. Hi Michelle Love,

      WE have employed a helper to take care of my pil 2 years ago. (5Apr13-15) We need your advice for our maid matter as follow:-
      Expiry date of various document:
      Passport:19 Aug 16
      KTKLN: 17 Oct 15
      Work permit: 5 Apr 15
      The maid would like to take her home leave during Hari Raya (July 15) instead at the end of her current contract (Apr15).
      1. In order to renew her work permit and contract for 2 years, do we need to renew her passport ? Will MOM gives WP according to her passport expiry date (Aug16) or according to 2 years contract (Apr 17)?

      2. Her KTKLN expiring Oct15, she going back for 2 weeks in Jul15. Does she need to apply for renew or make a new KTKLN on her home visit.

      Thanks in advance.

    34. Thanks for ur detailed steps. Wonderful work. I m at the embassy now and apparently they only accept photos taken at the embassy only. And according to the officer, for the medical chkup at klktn,it can be only done in indonesia and depends on which branch u go to. Just a lil contribution

    35. Hi Michelle,

      i just found out about this KTKLN card. My helper has been with us for a year plus, we are going Batam next month and planning to bring her along. My question is, w/o the KTKLN card, she is not able to follow us?

      1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I figure if KTKLN is still a requirement for re-entering SG if Indo hasn't change their policy :)

    36. A lot of information you have shared in here. Thanks for the great read too! This is a big help to those who want to renew their maid's work permit.